Kids continued to scour the lawn for a few more minutes

Actress Anna Kendrick, 31, star of the “Pitch Perfect” movies and an Oscar nominee for “Up In The Air,” is from Portland and has family and friends here. She comes for regular visits and hangs out with friends and former singing coaches and teachers. So you never know when you might spot her..

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cheap jordans for sale Smialek tried for a moment to remind hunters that they were proceeding by age group, but it was a lost cause to reign in a horde of children seeking candy filled eggs.Within minutes, the first kid to find a golden egg arrived at the golden draped table to redeem her prize. Keira Estes Yeezy, 6, received the book May I Please Have a Cookie? which is for beginning readers. Keira, who was accompanied at the hunt by Nicole Kolich, was happy to win her prize.I m so proud of you Yeezy, Nicole told her.Kids continued to scour the lawn for a few more minutes, but within a short time the mass of youths swarmed the table to redeem golden eggs and receive other prizes.. cheap jordans for sale

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